CEO message

The business in biopharmaceutical industry has always been challenging because the surroundings in this field have been changed dramatically in the views of technology innovation in discovery and development, realities of patients suffering from the intractable diseases and the corresponding regulatory affairs.

Therasid Bioscience was born in the wishes for contributing biopharmaceutical industry that are eager to solve patient’s realities suffering from no cure, in line with science & technology innovation for resolving the patient’s difficulties.

Drug discovery and development processes are long way that needs plenty of years and beyond number of people who are involved in the processes. Final goal is very clear because there are numerous patients are waiting for their own medicine. Therasid Bioscience pursues benefit of patients rather than risk, through the thoroughly validated frame for drug discovery and development, on the view of their value as an end user of the medicine.

Therasid Bioscience