1st Ganglioside research meeting announcement

by Jay in Therasid Bioscience October 27, 2019
Date: 2:30pm, 8th(Friday) November, 2019
Venue: 1st floor of ABN tower in Pangyo

The meeting agenda is here:
@ Brief introduction for background of meeting (by Jay)
@ Introduction of main hypothesis of Ganglioside-Alzheimer's disease(AD) axis (by Prof. Ido)
@ Surroundings of the meeting (by Jay)
- Recent trends in Amyloid-beta hypothesis related to AD
- Tentatively anticipated roles of each member
@ Dinner (near to Therasid Bioscience)

This meeting will be the first face-to-face meeting which can prepare next March's extended annual meeting.
All scientists interested in Ganglioside in Neuron, Synapse connectivity/visualization and Alzheimer's disease can join this meeting for free, in advance by e-mail intention.

Therasid Bioscience